I Made an AR State Park Medallion list

Let’s talk about badges. Everyone loves badges: boy scouts, girl scouts, aspiring Pokemon masters. And what are hiking medallions but badges of accomplishment? Johnny Cash may have “been everywhere, man” but without some medallion based proof, I don’t buy it. 

April and I generally make a note to get a medallion when visiting any state park. And sure, they’re sort of a waste of money. But to be fair, I’ve only spent around 30 dollars on medallions. That’s way less than I spent trying to buy the dip on crypto currency and at least these coins are real. 

About a year ago, I reached out to the AR state park FB page. I inquired whether or not they had some type of publication or online database of state park hiking medallions. They did not. Third party sites list various medallions which do not match what is sold at the state parks currently.

So, I’m making a list. I’m not sure if state parks periodically change their designs. I only started about a year ago, so if anyone wants to email me pictures of other medallions, my email is: webmaster@arkansashiker.com