Littering: Scourge of Sherwood

A manifesto against litter.


In addition to hiking, I also like to walk around my neighborhood. Sherwood has a number of local parks and at least some decent sidewalk coverage. I’ve noticed a disturbing uptick in litter on roads, front yards, and even at the parks. Today, at one park there were 5 items of trash strewn about a pavilion not 6 feet from an empty, city provided, trash can.

Why is my righteous fury kindled?


You may say, “they’re probably just kids”, “get over it”, “don’t spend an hour of your day posting a manifesto on your hiking website”. But litter is serious business. Multiple studies have been conducted proving conclusively that areas with increased litter see an uptick in crime. This is sorta just basic “broken windows” policing. When an area looks to be under policed (litter, graffiti, broken windows) , criminals are more likely to commit crime.

And even if litter didn’t beget greater social issues, consider this Bible passage from Luke:

“Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.”

In other words: If you can’t do what’s right when it’s easy (walking 5 feet to throw a bottle away), you’ll never do what’s right.


So what’s the solution? Easy: solid CCTV coverage at each park. And that CCTV should be accessible through a web portal to which a special group of citizen volunteers have access. When they see littering, they’ll report it to the police and the offender (or their parents) will be prosecuted.

You may say, “herp derp what about muh privacy”. Shut up. Parks are a public place provided by the government. There’s no expectation of privacy in parks or roads or sidewalks. If you hate the government, go live off grid and write your own manifesto, Ted Kaczynski wannabe.


Anyways, if you litter you’re a bad person deep down; repent and love the Lord. And you can only love the Lord by doing what’s right. And if you see litter, please pick it up (for the same reason just given).