State Park and Cabin Review: Crowley’s Ridge State Park

The Cabin: 

Firstly: they’re not really cabins; they’re duplexes. This was a weird choice for the parks service. Why would I want to pay State Park cabin pricing just to end up in a duplex? It’s an unholy mix of single family housing and an apartment.

Furthermore, can we talk for a second about modern Cable/Satellite TV? The only time I watch it is when I’m in a hotel room or cabin. The commercials are absurd. They take up like 50% of the programming time. Imagine: if someone has watched all of the Simpsons live, they’ve basically watched a decade worth of commercials. They could’ve learned a new language in that time, or setup a poorly laid out WordPress website.

The Trails: 

The park had a number of short trails; lots of cool features built by the CCC. The history of the Civilian Conservation Corps is actually pretty dang cool. Old FDR (who might’ve lowkey killed Huey Long and had a soviet spy as his number one advisor) set it up so young men could earn a living during the depression. They built a TON of cool stuff. Honestly, we should’ve kept it going, but WW2 happened. I guess stopping the French from having to learn German was more important than State Parks. 

Also, the park has a wishing well without any coins in it. {Insert joke here about how Inflation is so bad, a quarter can’t buy a wish} 

The WiFi / Cell Coverage:

Cell coverage is good enough on AT&T. Not amazing, but you can make and receive calls. WiFi is spotty; APs are on the front of the “cabins” but the signal is still very poor in the bedroom and living room area.

Overall Park Score: 6/10 

The park and the associated history is dope. But having duplex cabins is wack. Also deducted a point for commercials. Do something about that, State Park service!