Arkansas State Park Medallion List

The Mount Nebo medallion features a tent, starry sky, and it glows in the dark which is a pretty nice touch. Little gimmicky though, like 3D movies.

The Devil’s Den medallion features a buff dude and waterfall. It was also established in 1933, which is the same year the Nazi’s took power. Coincidence? Yes, very likely.

The Ozark Folk Center medallion is very boring. I has some sort of weird instrument in the background. Looks like maybe a sick guitar, idk.

The Lake Catherine medallion is pretty neat. It features some trees and a waterfall which is accurate.

The Mount Magazine medallion features hikers, a sunrise, a bear, and a butterfly. It also mentions that the park is home to the state’s highest point. Which is somewhat obvious if you’ve ever taken the never-ending, steep winding road up the mountain.

The Toltec Mounds medallion is probably the coolest because it’s shaped like an arrowhead. Arrowheads are pretty cool. Unlike the park, which is just big mounds of dirt. No offense to the builders. But idk, it’s not like they’re obelisks or sphinxes.

The Crowley’s Ridge medallion features a pavilion built by the CCC. It’s a solid enough design.