State Park and Cabin Review: Crowley’s Ridge State Park

The history of the Civilian Conservation Corps is actually pretty dang cool. Old FDR (who might’ve lowkey killed Huey Long and had a soviet spy as his number one advisor) set it up so young men could earn a living during the depression. They built a TON of cool stuff. Honestly, we should’ve kept it going, but WW2 happened. I guess stopping the French from having to learn German was more important than State Parks. 

I Made an AR State Park Medallion list

Let’s talk about badges. Everyone loves badges: boy scouts, girl scouts, aspiring Pokemon masters. And what are hiking medallions but badges of accomplishment? Johnny Cash may have “been everywhere, man” but without some medallion based proof, I don’t buy it.  April and I generally make a note to get a medallion when visiting any state… Continue reading I Made an AR State Park Medallion list